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KATHY BERMAN is the President and owner of Eubiotics Ltd. a company which offers Health Care Natural Supplements for Dogs and Other pets and animals through the mail.


Kathy Berman has dedicated herself to 25 years of research in Nutrition. She is the co-author, along with Bill Landesman, of numerous books on Dog Nutrition, and Dog Training. These books have been published by Simon and Schuster, Arco, Prentiss Hall,& Fredrick Fell. They have sold foreign language versions, and been acclaimed all around the world. Her current book, "Training Your Dog, A Day By Day Program", has been published by Sterling Publishers in N.Y. She also has available, her nutrition book, "Caring For Your Older Dog". Kathy Berman has been guest lecturer for many Health Associations, Dog Clubs, and Libraries. She was the first to speak on "Nutrition and Your Pet", at the National Health Federation Convention in Asbury Park, back in 1976.Ms Berman scouts the globe for top notch supplements, which can help your pets. Through the years, she has come upon facinating and effective supplements to benefit all pets. Research is escalating now, in the field of anti- aging, and longevity. So, this is truly the best of times to take part in this knowledge bank, and help your pet to a longer and healthier life.

KATHY BERMAN has had her own radio show, dealing with health issues, and has appeared on numerous radio and tv shows dealing with Pet Nutrition.

She was one of the first to recognize the relationship between nutrition, and behavioral temperament in dogs. Her professional dog training always included a nutritional approach, whereby good training and good diet with supplements, would make for a lasting and genuine, long term positive results. She called this the psychonutritional approach to dog training.

Ms Berman, as president of Eubiotics, has maintained for twenty five years, a private nutrition counseling service, for one on one support with problems in dogs, cats, and birds. She has counseled people around the United States by telephone and by mail. She maintains that we must take responsibility for our own health and that of our pets.

Miracles can and do happen every day, for those who dare to dream and to act upon that vision. Health is an entitlement. The constitution guarantees its pursuit, but each of us must actively pursue it. It starts with a dream of something better for our pets. This is fueled by great expectations for results. The flames of progress are fanned by the smaller and greater success we experience along the way. Stay the course. Hold on to that vision of health, and you shall be richly rewarded. The power to change is within you. The road to health is a challenging and amazing journey of self empowerment. We learn so much about ourselves and our convictions, along the way. Life experiences reveal to us what is really important. THIS GRAND ADVENTURE IS WAITING FOR US ALL. WE HAVE BUT TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP.


You can contact Kathy Berman to ask questions about your pet's health problems at the address below.

Kathy Berman
Eubiotics Ltd.
90 New York Ave.
west hempstead, NY 11552
United States